Memphis City Council Quick Takes!

Local Memphians asking the City Council on Tuesday August 20th why they continue to prevent the will of the people. The sitting Council is using their lawyer to attack the Memphis City charter.  

Aaron Fowles

Steve Mulroy

Britney Thornton

It’s absolutely clear that the Council continues to increase voter distrust of the electoral process.  It’s clear that the Council is using their lawyer to attack the City Charter.  It is clear that the Council is wildly out of touch with the voters.

More than speeches

Folks, it’s going to take more than speeches to get the city council to do the right thing. We need you to choose your own adventure to help us out:

  1. Write a letter to the editor supporting ranked choice voting
  2. Call the council and tell them to get out of the way and let RCV progress – 901-636-6786
  3. Donate to Ranked Choice Tennessee so we can continue to fight for this essential reform
  4. Volunteer with us to get the word out to more people
  5. Become an RCTN Trainer to help us teach more people about RCV.

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