Letter from the Program Director

We need to turn the tide on voter participation in Memphis. Tennessee has some of the worst turnout in the nation and our current electoral system shuts people out of the process.Traditional first-past-the-post elections disenfranchise voters at every turn, by splitting the initial vote or forcing voters to vote again in runoff elections where theContinue reading “Letter from the Program Director”

Local Election Reform Advocate Hosts Book Signing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                             March 11, 2019 STEVE MULROY WILL PRESENT ON HIS NEW ELECTION REFORM BOOK Former County Commissioner Steve Mulroy, late of the local Memphis effort to defeat the Instant Runoff Voting/Term Limits repeal referenda, will present his new election reform book at a Mar. 19 book signing at Novel bookstore.  Mulroy just published Rethinking US Election Law:  UnskewingContinue reading “Local Election Reform Advocate Hosts Book Signing”

We’re building a movement for Ranked Choice Voting in Memphis and Beyond

Ranked Choice Tennessee is a new organization, headquartered in Memphis, that advocates and educates around Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). Even though Memphis voters have voted on this issue three times in two record-turnout elections, policymakers at various levels of government are erecting barriers to its implementation. Ranked Choice Tennessee is dedicated to ensuring a smoothContinue reading “We’re building a movement for Ranked Choice Voting in Memphis and Beyond”