Get Involved

Get Involved

Some of the best ways to get involved is to volunteer your time, money or resources to help our organization grow.

Host a House Party

RCTN staff presenting at a house party

Hosting a house party is fun and easy way to get your friends, family and neighbors engaged in electoral reform. We’ll help you through each step of the planning and implementation of your party.  We’ll come to your event and present about ranked choice voting.

Host a house party

Become the Media

We love getting on podcast, radio shows, tv shows and presenting in public spaces.  Electoral reform is a hot topic that reaches a wide audience.


Do you produce your own content or work for a news agency? Get in touch and let’s talk.

Invite us to your podcast!


Join our volunteer program

Talking to community members is absolutely the best way to get involved.  Most people don’t know what ranked choice voting is or how it can benefit them. But when they learn about it, they can’t believe we don’t already have it in place.



Being a sustaining donor helps make your money go further as it reduces administrative and mailing costs. 

Ranked Choice Tennessee is a project of More Equitable Democracy Action, which is fiscally sponsored by Proteus Action League, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. Donations are not tax deductible.

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